Tuesday, September 11, 2012

    My first ebook: Intern Compensation

    One of the coolest and most tedious things I got to work on during my short time at InternMatch has been the intern compensation ebook.  I started the project with near zero understanding of labor regulations and by the end of the week, I felt like half an expert.

    To write the ebook, I dug through news articles, Department of Labor memos and blog posts written by lawyers and HR experts.  It felt like I was back in college writing a research paper.  Quite the break from my usual marketing and lead generation duties.

    The most eye opening revelation from all the research was how almost all unpaid internships are techincally illegal.  The Department of Labor's six criteria for a legal unpaid internship are so vague and broad, chances are if an intern sued an employer over an unpaid internship, he would most likely win.  However, the value of unpaid wages won in a lawsuit would most likely be far less than the cost of a lawyer.  That is unfortunate because employers should be held  accountable for unpaid internships that do nothing but take advantage of desperate students and new grads.

    Get educated on Intern Compensation, read the ebook.

    Saturday, September 8, 2012

    I want to work at InternMatch forever...

    A little over a year ago, I got my first internship at a startup through InternMatch's Kill the cover letter contest.  While working at Wednesdays, I learned that the InternMatch office was just a few blocks away, so I emailed Nathan and asked if he wanted to get coffee with me.  Little did I know that the Starbucks meeting which jump started my relationship with InternMatch, would first lead to a part time internship, then a full time summer internship and ultimately my first job out of college.

    Even working just 10 hours a week back at UCSD, I loved the company.  Things only got better when I moved up to San Francisco and by the end of two months I could not get myself to look for a job.  The thought of working at another company was unfathomable.  Put it simply, I want to work here forever!

    Find out why I think InternMatch is so amazing at the InternMatch blog.

    Monday, September 3, 2012

    My Second Bootstrappin' Summer

    After living all across California and the world, I can confidently say that San Francisco is the best city in the world.  I cannot imagine a better place to start my life in the "real world."  I recently wrote a post on the InternMatch blog about my first tumultuous month in the city:
    While the other interns at InternMatch chose to live in apartments with their own room, privacy and other basic creature comforts, I decided to rough it out at a hacker hostel for my first month in San Francisco. For JUST (/sarcasm) $840 a month, I got a bunk in a ten person room, work space and immersion in a community of entrepreneurs.  
    Despite a disastrous first day ... [Read the Full Post]