Thursday, June 28, 2012

    New Grad Job Search Tips: My Guest Posts on StudentAdisor and CollegeAftermath

    Recently, I wrote two guest posts giving the class of 2012 a few tips on how to find a job.  Times are tough right now and many of my friends who are new graduates are competing not only against each other, but other more experienced workers who have been let go in the economic downturn.  Below are my two guest posts on Student Advisor and CollegeAftermath giving some tips on how to standout from the very large pack.  Hopefully they will be of some help to my fellow classmates.    

    Click on the links to read more:

    StudentAdvisor (A Washington Post Company)
    1. Work an Internship
    2. Look in non-traditional places
    3. Build a non-traditional resume
    4. Ask for help
    5. Take your search to the recruiter

    (Rehash of the StudentAdvisor post but added in new idea on #5)
    1) Apply for an Internship
    2) Leave no stone unturned
    3) Fully Utilize the Digital Resume
    4) Network
    5) Quality over quantity
    6) Get in front of the recruiter

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