Wednesday, February 2, 2011


    I was once told by a certain speaker at a workshop that a professional blog is what future employers would look for on the resumes of job candidates. Now I am uncertain if the speaker is correct about the future, but as an anthropology student at the University of California at San Diego, my future at graduation is uncertain. After all, what skills does an anthropology degree offer potential employers outside academia? With the future on my mind, I see no harm in giving professional blogging a shot.

    Through my personal blog, I have found writing to be an amazing source of self reflection, leading to valuable insights about myself. This source of self reflection has been missing in my professional life. I have learned a lot, enjoyed some success and at the same time made many mistakes during my brief stint in the work force. However, much of this professional experience has been little thought over, I move on to the next job at hand without a thought about what I had learned and what I could build on. As the cliché saying goes,” those who do not learn from are doomed to repeat it.” I would hate to learn something twice, especially on an employer’s time.

    Enter this blog, soon to be filled with my work experiences, thoughts and observations with a focus on marketing, public relations and culture. Past work experiences will be analyzed so that successes can be replicated and mistakes avoided. Current work will be discussed in order to ensure that I am not straying from the path. Future plans will be drawn up and shared on this blog to better judge their feasibility and chances of success.

    As in my personal blog, readers are invited to follow and encouraged weigh in. Who knows, if you follow long enough and with some luck, you might even learn a thing or two as I start my professional journey.

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