Thursday, March 3, 2011

    Marketing Binder Entry #2

    Broadway Star Commercial
    There was just too much to hate about this series of commercials commissioned by Hong Kong electronics retailer Broadway. I watched a lot of television while I was at my grandparent’s apartment and every time I saw this commercial, it made me want to gag and here is why.

    The ad
    Broadway has a series of commercials that build upon each other. The first ad in the series begins with a young rocker girl who reminisces about her old grade school rock band, wondering what happened to the band members. Suddenly, one by one the band members come to the rocker girl’s house and all of them have grown up in unexpected ways. One member has not aged at all and is still as young as her grade school picture, while another has become an old man. Yet another has turned into a rock, literally a boulder. The last band member to arrive has transformed from a Chinese boy to a Spanish heartthrob. The band is remade and together they play around with electronic gadgets and rock out. The ad ends with the message that living like a rockstar starts at Broadway and then sweetens the deal by offering limited Hello Kitty rock dolls with purchases.

    The whole series of ads can be seen at

    My Reaction
    All the commercials have the same tongue in cheek type of humor that just comes off as very corny and unfunny. The whole ad had an immature feel to it that I do not think would appeal to its audience. Broadway is pushing high end electronics such as 3D televisions and SLRs with television commercials that seem only to appeal to children.

    The use of the rock and roll is puzzling since in Hong Kong, pop music has always been king. Children throughout the ages idolize and dream of becoming pop stars, so the use of rock and roll is a bit of a disconnect from the average Hong Kong resident. The rock and roll theme would have worked in a country such as the US with a developed rock culture but in Hong Kong it is simply out of place.

    Lastly, using Hello Kitty as a selling point for high end electronics makes no sense. I cannot imagine that any consumer would include the prospect of a free Hello Kitty doll in their decision making process when buying a television or SLR.

    Broadway’s rock star themed marketing campaign shows a complete disconnect with the Hong Kong electronics consumer.

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