Thursday, April 14, 2011

    Change of Plans

    Today, the CMO of Unilever came to Fudan University to give a seminar of sorts. I had this elaborate plan to audio record the whole proceeding put it on my blog along with comments and analysis.

    However, when I arrived at the building there was a line of students snaking all the way down from the second floor. Even with the help of my friend who was in the Fudan student union, the group organizing the event, I could not get in.

    While roaming the halls of the building wondering what to do, I stumbled upon a Fudan KTV or karaoke competition. So, instead of learning about Unilever's marketing efforts, I spent the night watching Fudan students sing their heart out.

    The competition started off pretty seriously with some great voices...

    ... but then there was this student who performed kungfu while singing

    In the end, it was all good fun and I made some decent lemonade out of the whole situation.

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