Monday, January 7, 2013

    2013 Resolutions

    I looked back at my 2012 resolutions and it looks like I went zero for three.  The only resolution I can kind of lay claim to is "Develop my own copy writing process,"  My copy has improved leaps and bounds in the past six months, but I still cannot say that I have a process.

    Let's hope that in 2013 I will be more successful in accomplishing my resolutions.

    Write more growth tactics posts

    I think I have discovered my niche!  And it's in developing scalable user acquisition and lead generation strategies, also known as growth hacking here in the startup world.  In 2013, I hope to develop and refine more growth tactics and put them on this blog.  People seem to be really hungry for step by step growth hacks and I think this is an area where I can really get some recognition.  There does not seem to be any growth people talking about the tools and tactics that they are using so hopefully I can fill that void. 

    Launch my passive income business

    Working with Dane Maxwell at Lean Startup Machine San Diego really changed my view on what I was capable of doing in terms of starting my own business.  With my new found growth skills, I think this is the year that I can create a successful passive income business.  Most likely, I will be developing one of the ideas that Dane and I discussed at LSM San Diego or doing something with on campus recruiters.  In 2013, I resolve to begin my market research and start building and hopefully complete the product.  With some luck, maybe I will even make 100k in combined income this year.  I can dream can't I? 

    Launch CharityLens

    A couple of months ago, my friend Max told me he was tired of the rat race and was looking to start a nonprofit.  In his search of how to escape the rat race while still developing marketable skills, Max came upon Kids with Cameras, a non profit that provides cameras and teaches photography to marginalized children in communities around the world.  He quickly realized that Kids with Cameras and its partner organizations were doing an absolutely terrible job of selling the amazing pictures that the kids were taking.

    When Max told me his idea, I immediately saw the potential and agreed to help him.  We immediately started brainstorming in the foodcourt and by the time things were closing, we had come up with the name CharityLens and had a rough plan to execute on.  Over the next month, we registered the domain name, built landing pages, setup social media accounts and got our logo.  In 2013, I resolve to get everything launched and sell our first photo! 
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