Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    Startups I believe in

    This is the third and last post for the 500 Interns Competition and one of the 3 posts for 30 companies(#3for30) explaining why I would be the ideal start up intern. All 3for30 posts can be found on my 500 Interns Competition page.

    Previously, I wrote about the importance for me to be able to share in an organization’s vision. For my last post, I am listing out the startups participating in the 500 Interns Competition that do work that I can relate to and believe in.


    I routinely forget to use and lose my loyalty cards to my favorite stores so I completely understand the problem that Punchd is trying to solve. I whole heartedly believe that if I had all my loyalty cards on my phone I would be getting more free coffees and that’s a worthy cause to work towards!

    Motion Math

    My childhood was filled with learning games like Reading Rabbit and a host of other games from The Learning Company that I no longer remember. What I do remember is that I never thought of those games as learning, but I certainly learned a lot as Reading Rabbit almost single handedly taught me how to read. I would love to be part of an effort that made games as fun and educational as they were for me for the next generation.


    Mint.com drew me to the power of infographics in displaying information, but it was the Oatmeal that showed me it could be entertaining as well. However, what really drew me to Visual.ly was your Youtube video particularly the ending where the smartphones displaying relevant infographics by recognizing objects through the cameras. Now that is a future that I want to have a hand in creating.


    Having tabled at tradeshows and political events, I understand the type of things that customer service employees go through. Which is why I believe great customer service should be recognized and I like the fact that Tello is making that possible. A project that lets good employees get praised while also empowering consumers and business owners is a project that I want to be part of.

    Formative Labs

    I am no staunch environmentalist but I do believe we have only one earth and we must take care of it, not to mention cleaner air and water would be nice to have. The idea of using the social web to get people to conserve energy is nothing I have ever heard of and very intriguing. I would very much like to be part of Formative Labs and see how this idea plays out because if it succeeds, the world would definitely be a better place.


    Meals as we learn in anthropology are an important social affair in almost every culture and sadly it seems to be an increasingly less social affair in today’s modern world. This is why I am so thrilled about Wednesdays, it once again draws people back to the table and gets them to connect over food something which everybody can enjoy and relate to. And if the Wednesday concept gets people to solve problems and be more productive then all the better. I think this idea is brilliantly simple and I want to help it unfold.


    My memories of accompanying my parents house shopping in the Bay Area are full of boredom, hot cars and yelling. Needless to say, it was not a very enjoyable experience, which is why I am enthusiastic about anything that makes real estate faster, simpler and less painful for the shopper, and if not for the shopper then for their children. In addition, I love San Francisco and hope to one day live in that amazing city, so if there is anything that will make that easier for me, I want to be part of it.


    “A life time of learning” and other related phrases are cliché but something I subscribe to, which is why I think connecting teachers with students is a great idea, especially if those teachers teach niche subjects. Say, when do you think a firearms or jiu jitsu instructor from San Jose is going to sign up on TeachStreet because I would love to help make that happen for my sake.

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