Thursday, April 5, 2012

    Financial Horizons Marketing Campaign: Execution

    The $1500 dollars that I had for the marketing budget ended up being much more than I could spend.  Due to a time shortage, we ended up doing a very traditional marketing campaign.


    Many groups on campus hand out flyer on Library walk, the main quad area at UCSD.  Due to a shortage of manpower and a disregard for its effectiveness, I decided against actively handing out flyers.  Instead, I focused on putting up flyers in high traffic locations, targeting buildings and lecture halls that were most popular with economic students.  In addition, I tried my best to flyer the captive audience in the dorms and on-campus apartments.


    Two banners were hung at the Price Center, probably the most trafficked building in the whole school.  I advised to hang them in areas that were immediately visible to

    Ad/Email copy

    The ad copy was tailored for the economic times.  This year's class is graduating at a time of high unemployment and they feel the pressure as their graduation date approaches.  Adding to the sense of hopelessness is the fact that many college students simply do not know what they want to do.

    I wanted the ad copy to convey a sense of direction to the lost students and an internship/job opportunity for the graduating ones.  In order to do that, I put in easily recognizable corporate names and a slogan that hinted at the opportunity of getting hired. In addition, corporate brands and hot financial segments were bolded to pop at the viewer.

    Sample copy:
    UCSB is invited to the 7th Annual Financial Horizons Conference! 
    On Saturday, March 3rd 9am - 3pm, come visit sunny UC San Diego to get educated on the best paid industry in the US by leaders in the field. 
    This year's speakers include current and former executives from Goldman Sachs, KPMG, Morgan Stanley, Moody's, the Federal Reserve and many more top name companies.

    Expert speakers such as:
    • Lou Kerner - Former VP of Equity Research at Goldman Sachs
    • Wyatt Wachtel - Senior VP at York Capital Management
    • Emmy Sobieski - Former VP at OppenheimerFunds
    will be covering a wide variety of topics including hedge funds, private equity, investment strategies and accounting. 
    Attend, Learn, Network and get Hired. 
    The conference is FREE, but registration closes on February 29th and spots are limited!
    Register today at

    Conference itinerary with additional details is attached.

    Slogan selection

    "Attend, network, get hired"
    Initially, there it was "maybe get hired" but in the end I ended up dropping the "maybe" making it more short and succinct.  

    Facebook ads

    Facebook ads played up the hiring angle of the conference.  The ad copy featured big names in finance and were paired up with iconic images of Wall Street as well as Asian traders.


    Sample ads:

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    1. How did everything turn out? Sounds like a very effective system.