Sunday, June 3, 2012

    Startup Weekend Santa Barbara: Teams

    Minutes away from final presentations and I am too excited to eat.

    My favorite teams (aka the ones I voted for):


    A Shazam for art, where you take a picture of a piece of art, the app identifies it and then pulls up information it.  This would be amazing for when I go to galleries or museums where often times the only information on a piece of 3x5" sign that lists the title, artist, year and medium.  I always wanted to know the background information or artists thoughts on a piece and maybe in the near future with Artful I can.  

    Chirp It

    A Shazam for birds, basically always know what bird you are listening to.  For me this would be a great novelty app, but for the more serious birdwatchers, I imagine this would be a must have app.  In addition, I snuck a peek at their final pitch deck and apparently the birdwatcher market is huge!  I have no doubt that Chirp It would be a hit in the app store.

    Text Connect

    A chat roulette SMS system where users can text a number that is specific to an event or venue in order to text with others there.  Restaurants and event organizers will be able to text offers to people using the system.  I think this is a great way to meet people at an event, as a text is less intimidating than walking up to a strangers and trying to start a conversation.  Would love to see this live at the next networking event I attend.  

    SWSB Teams List (From most to least number of votes)

    *Teams change their name, dissolve and merge through the weekend, so this is not a final list of those who will be presenting on Sunday.

    iSpot - Airbnb for driveways
    Artful - Shazam for art
    Mortgage Docs - Mortgage tutorial documentation app
    Text Connect - SMS chat roulet: targeted advertising
    Dropzone Management - SAAS for sky diving schools or anything else who has problems coordinating multiple participants

    The Best and Bogus - App to make video army of community members documenting best and worse of the community
    Chirp it - Shazaam for bird calls
    Goal Stoke - Compete against others with losing weights and win money
    Mootcan - Online education information that will help you pass various courses
    Standard Label Plugin - Simple way for people to understand what websites do with their personal data. Personal information nutrition label for web info.

    WebFly - Know what your users are saying online about your brand/product/company
    S Rating - Social rating application for venues
    Creator Up - Online film school using only phone cameras
    Trumigo - Service/app/platform find real friends near you - ECommerce market place for small retailers: showcase work, employ ranking of popularity, matches taste with designer

    FoodQ - Pandora for restaurant recommendations
    ReFuel - Simple process to get tax refund for non public gas use
    Arrive Faster - GPS locator for public transit
    Insta Flip - New mobile ad platform
    Have to Have - Create a wishlist for luxury items and get notified when the items on your list go on sale

    Tahiti System - Business automation system

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