Saturday, July 9, 2011

    Marketing Binder Entry #3: Product Bundling in China

    One of my first experiences of culture shock occurred when I stepped foot into the local Walmart and saw the odd way that products were bundled together for the sake of promotion. What I saw truly baffled me as there were, chocolates bundles with batteries, batteries with a Swiss army knife and my personal favorite and most common, cups of yogurt haphazardly taped to all sorts of dairy products.

    Haphazardly taped yogurt

    It would make more sense to bundle products that complement each other, and if it causes consumers to use more of the product then all the better. An example of better bundling would be to bundle a flashlight or battery draining toy with the batteries. I would like to believe that it is all common sense.

    The good news is that the amount of weird bundling has gone down since I came to China. Though after a little searching I still managed to find some Dove body wash bundled with Lipton tea.

    After drinking tea, I too have a strong desire to take a shower

    Thankfully during my time in China, sensible bundling has become the norm

    More Pictures of Bundles

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