Friday, July 1, 2011

    UPDATE Chat with Dr. John Fung

    Uncle John (aka Dr. John Fung from Hong Kong Council of Social Services) came swung by Shanghai over the week and he managed to find time in his busy schedule to have dinner with me. At dinner, he told me about the progress that his organization had made with the social ISP project as well as the political battle that occurred over it.

    When I was in Hong Kong, a month ago I was told that the social ISP project was embroiled in some political scandal. The Government Chief Information Officer who was handling the awarding of the contracts for the social ISP project abruptly resigned and then published a letter stating that “On several occasions before, during and after the evaluation of proposals, it was made clear to me that there was a political requirement to select a particular implementer.” (Read more about the scandal here)

    Besides the political scandal, however, the social ISP project was doing great. Uncle John told me about the great prices on service and computers the social ISP was receiving. It all seemed like things were going according to plan and people were getting helped.

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